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parkade traffic coatings Our comprehensive construction chemicals portfolio includes concrete admixtures, waterproofing solutions, concrete repair and protection solutions, performance grouts and performance flooring solutions. Weatherskins Polyaspartic coating is that floor coating. Contractors has been involved in the application of new Traffic Deck Membranes for Parkades and Pedestrian Walkways, as well as the Concrete Restoration of multi-level parking facilities throughout Washington. Van Mason Coatings installs quality membrane systems using updated efficient and functional products and methodologies. Atlas Painting & Restorations Ltd. Dec 14, 2020 · Accepts traffic in as little as 3 hours at 75°F or higher temperatures–thereby facilitating lane-by-lane retrofits with minimal parking revenue loss; Sizes. Two-component, low odor, polyaspartic top coat/sealer Sikalastic®-748 PA is a two component, aliphatic, chemically cured, low VOC, polyaspartic coating intended for use as the clear traffic bearing top coat over decorative aggregate or vinyl flake surfacing as part of pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing applications. The flooring in the automotive show-room at your local luxury car dealership and the flooring designed to handle all the chemical spills in their mechanics bay is industrial grade high-traffic epoxy. We offer innovative solutions for new construction and are well-versed in what it takes to reinject life into older projects. Getting rid of old paint, coatings or other sticky materials requires expertise and the right equipment. Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Buy Online A Bid and Tender could not be found that matches the search. Hi-rises and Residential parking garages in Vancouver and surrounding areas are prime locations for concrete deterioration, traffic membrane failure, are dark / unsafe and prone to theft and/or break-ins. The system is perfect for the most demanding heavy-traffic environments. EverLine provides high quality and efficient line painting services for parking lots, roadways, parkades and warehouses. Ben Jones (CEO) - Alberta (403) 585-5545 ben. With offices in Saskatoon and Calgary, CCD Western Limited offers concrete protection, repairs, and restoration in commercial and industrial settings. Cementitous and epoxy grouting . . ca Closing date and time: Description DOC; Terapro Pedestrian Traffic Waterproofing System: Terapro Vehicular Traffic Waterproofing System Parkades Our expertise includes concrete repair, slab replacement, ramps, columns, walls and waterproofing systems for both underground garages and above-ground parkades. We specialize in decorative and protective concrete coatings as well as concrete refinishing and restoration for both residential, commercial and industrial applications. CALL: 403-272-1178 CALL US: 403-272-1178 Concrete Floor Coatings; Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating; Roofing. Sealed bids clearly marked Van Mason Coatings offers concrete polishing and grinding in Calgary, providing your building with a sleek, easy-to-maintain finish that doesn’t even need to be waxed. Expansion joint systems . Place-Crete Systems offer a full-suite of services and repairs on both new and existing parkade decks. Give us a call to get free estimates on your traffic coating work. Epoxy and urethane injection systems . Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Buy Online Concrete resurfacing or restoration is a great option to consider when your existing concrete surface is worn and aged. Reference Drawing R-2. Having been in the industry for over 25 years, our team knows the ins and outs of the concrete repair processes. Our largest was at Douglas College New Westminster Campus parkade, in which we applied 600,000 square feet of traffic deck coating. To handle the extreme movement required for the application, Bleoju decided on Tremco's Spectrem Simple Seal, a high-performance silicone extrusion. The epoxy used to coat restaurants, schools and hospitals is food and drug approved, zero VOC, industrial grade epoxy. 1-800-433-9517 IKO: Torch-On applied roofing systems, IKO shingles and air barriers. Flexstone’s vehicular membrane system is the most versatile common-sense parkade coating on the market today. Picking up contaminants along the way, water is drawing down into the parkade below. As a solutions-oriented company we restore, protect and enhance interior and Our proven pressure-washing techniques are environmentally safe and thoroughly clean your property to remove unsightly stains and debris. What Our Clients Say! Unprotected heavy traffic areas are susceptible to damage from chemicals, liquids, and water; leaving tile and concrete flawed and unattractive. SIKALASTIC DECKPRO Applications include multi-story parking garages, parking decks and ramps, foot bridges and walkways, mechanical rooms, stadiums and arenas, plaza and rooftop decks, and balconies. Traffic deck coatings; Below grade waterproofing ; Injection repairs; Expansion joint rehabilitation; Traffic management planning; IRC has completed hundreds of Plaza Decks and Parkade projects across Canada since 1983. For the classical and elegantly stylish look nothing is more worthy than Axminster Carpets Abu Dh Pecora’s full line of traffic coatings protect wearing surfaces like concrete or plywood from vehicular and pedestrian traffic abrasion, and in the case of concrete, protection from freeze-thaw damage and chloride induced corrosion with its destructive force on reinforcing steel. Pharma Room: COATING; Waterproofing. Jun 06, 2017 · A common misconception is that once a parkade has been restored, and after having a traffic deck coat­ing system installed, that the parkade will not require repairs for several years. Applied Coatings & Restoration Inc. This unique waterproofing system is designed to have tenacious adhesion, extreme impact and abrasion resistance along with remarkable chemical stability. Tanks and Vessel Coating; Mining Coating; Magnesium Oxide Board Coating; Industries. As well, loose and damaged membrane on older projects can be repaired so that they look like new. Polyurethane - 2 Component. We are a full service parking lot maintenance company that makes us a one-stop-shop and the best choice for all of our clients parking lot needs. Concrete Floor Coating; Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating; Roofing. Leaks in concrete foundations and underground lots result in cracking and rusting of the re-bar in the concrete. Wall Coatings Acrylic and Elastomeric Wall Coating Systems. We’re a full service industrial coatings contractor serving all of Minnesota with parking garage and parkade services that include: Elite Coatings Canada is a specialized seal coating company, using superior epoxy coatings & sealers in residential, commercial & industrial applications. Serving Maryland, Virginia, & District of Columbia. C. These surfaces require a durable, long-lasting solution that will withstand the day-to-day vehicular traffic and Sika has created multiple systems that can do the job. BALCONIES & PARKADES Libra Envelope has an extensive line of traffic and pedestrian coatings, sealants and membranes guaranteed to extend the life and appearance of your decks, walkways, corridors, mechanical rooms and even balconies. If you are planning Exhibition carpets for giving the royal touch in your weddings, parties and specific occasions like awards ceremony then shop from carpetabudhbai. Monneli Epofloor P 200. Pharma Room: SURFACE WASH; Shop; Contractors Wholesalers Beginning December 13, 2018, the Parkade will be operating at full capacity and all entrance and exit ramps will be reopened. 2, revision 2: “Levels 7 & 8 Traffic Deck Coating Installation Plan” Benefits of Parkade Floor Coating Novus Polishing Systems Inс. Unprotected structures suffer from water-induced damage, including deterioration and corrosion caused by alkalis, salts, acids and mold, which can be prevented with quality parkade traffic coating systems. We provide a full range of parking garage services to handle all sizes of parkade restoration projects including fast setting materials that allow for quick turn arounds on projects. Parkade Membrane Installation and Repair. Urethane Coatings; Epoxy Coatings; Polyurethane Concrete Coating Parkade restoration in Vancouver BC Seen here is the top deck of a multi-level parkade. Vehicle and traffic coatings systems are installed to protect concrete parkades, parking lots, sidewalks and plazas where moisture seepage is of concern. Terapro VTS is a liquid-applied, layered PMMA waterproofing system specifically formulated for vehicular traffic applications. Concrete Surface Treatment Improve aesthetics and durability. Floor Coatings We can handle any floor coating requirement from simple epoxy flooring to multi layered decorative coatings to fast setting MMA’s, Polyaspartics and Polyurethanes. If the floor you’re coating is going to experience vehicles, fork-lifts, airplanes or other mechanical traffic, you want a coating that is made for it. 536 38a Ave The Tremco Commercial Sealants & Waterproofing Technical Services Department has developed several standard detail drawings for Tremco products. Sikalastic®-720 Base is a two-component, aromatic, chemically cured, elastomeric polyurethane coating intended for use as the waterproofing base coat under polyurethane or epoxy wearing surfaces for pedestrian and vehicular traffic bearing applications, and as the waterproofing base coat under a separate wearing course such as concrete or asphalt pavement, and tile in a setting bed. Weatherskin Coatings is a performance-driven company, with a focus on protecting investments with state-of-the-art weatherproofing technology and delivering first-class installation service to Appalachia and the surrounding areas. Our solvent based polyaspartic coatings and epoxy applications seal cracks and fill pores,; providing stain and damage resistance that’s easy to maintain, offering durability and longevity. are concrete restoration specialists providing quality flooring installations in the Greater Vancouver Area for over 20 years. Weatherskin’s Polyaspartic coating is that floor coating. 5M Job Duration: March 2014 – October 2016 R and H Painting specializes in concrete coatings for busy parking garages, parkades, and other concrete spaces that need to be professional sealed and coated for long-term protection and durability. A custom profile of the product was created to provide a perfect fit matching the width and shape of the existing mullion. Our solutions are resistant to gasoline, oils, and anti-freeze. Epoxy floor coatings are often used in commercial facilities over concrete floors to achieve a smooth, long-lasting surface that will also be able to endure wear from heavy traffic. They are commonly used by paint contractors to create bold, crisp lines and markings on parking lots, factory and warehouse floors, sporting facilities, athletic fields, and construction and excavation sites. Vehicular Traffic Coatings. Get expert concrete floor finishing, leveling and polishing, epoxy flooring and coating and resurfacing. Parkade Coatings Depending on your needs and amount of traffic, there are many options for parkade surface coatings. West Pacific Coatings offers a wide variety of solutions for your concrete coating and restoration projects – whether your need is for chemical protection, slip resistance, decorative flooring, secondary containment, crack and joint treatments or any other type of concrete coating in Vancouver Canada. Exposure to elements, high traffic pressures and an originally flawed coating application have negated protective attributes. . Two-component, solvent-free, aromatic polyurethane waterproofing base coat Sikalastic®-390 NP. 50 Regular price. Concrete sealers and coatings . The company was originally based on non-slip floors and has evolved over the last two decades into full-service concrete coating and restoration contracting. The talented staff we employ have extensive industry experience, with a focus on concrete restoration work, traffic deck membranes, gypsum floor underlayments, hydrodemolition services, plaza and bridge deck waterproofing, polymer floor systems, wall systems, and other specialty The flooring in the automotive show-room at your local luxury car dealership and the flooring designed to handle all the chemical spills in their mechanics bay is industrial grade high-traffic epoxy. Link to: Traffic & Parkade Membranes Parkade Membranes & Surfaces Whatever your parking lot or parkade waterproofing needs are, we have the perfect solution for you! Z535 Heavy-Duty Parking Structure Drain. are concrete coating and restoration specialists providing quality installations in the Greater Vancouver Area for over 25 years. Similar to our pedestrian coatings, our traffic coatings are designed to service high-traffic areas. ca About When the concrete began failing at this condominium parkade the deterioration was rapid and the concrete surfaces required significant repair. 2 Traffic deck coating shall be installed to comply with B. We also provide services for Engraving, Etching, Epoxy Coating, Graphic Designing, Web Designing, Screen Printing, Offset Printing, Stationery Printing, Gift Items Parkade Deck Membrane Solutions One of the most critical challenges facing parking and stadium structures today is moisture penetration. See full list on concreteconstruction. Glue, Mastic or Coating Removals. Deck & Balcony Restoration. Solvent based paint has versatile quick dry times with excellent durability, and is especially suitable for colder ambient applications where waterborne cannot be used. Choose from our comprehensive range Vehicular Traffic Coating systems and specialty products to protect the deck and extend its service life. Products. Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Buy Online Urethane Membrane Coatings: When you have a parkade with multiple levels you will have a traffic deck coating membrane that covers the concrete to prevent water and salts from leaking through cracks and causing the rebar to rust and ultimately to no longer provide the strength in the concrete necessary to support vehicular traffic. See sizing chart. The coatings we use protect surfaces that see heavy foot and/or vehicular traffic on a daily basis. Parkades and indoor parking lots often require custom stenciling just like outdoor parking lots. is dedicated to waterproofing for commercial building projects. Parkade Traffic Coatings; Shot Blasting and Diamond Grinding; Sandblasting; Quote Request (250) 681-4211; Archives. We are a certified BASF Traffic Deck Coating Applicator and have installed several thousand square feet of traffic coating in several parkades in the Lower Mainland. Revisions supersede the information contained in the original Tender Contract 2588-2020 or previously issued Addendum. Traffic & Parkade Membranes. com The coatings' unprecedented success led to an expansion to other industrial markets like vehicle parkades, industrial flooring, and ship decks. 1 Preparation of concrete slabs, ramps and vertical surfaces. Tremco offers a broad selection of coatings for vehicular, pedestrian and specialty applications. We spent the day on Tuesday with a select group of leaders in our company to learn about this rapid curing material. 2020 Bastion Parkade Traffic Membrane CCDC 2 (2008) STIPULATED PRICE CONTRACT ADDENDUM 3 This addendum shall be read in conjunction with and considered as an integral part of the Tender Contract 2588-2020. Our team of professionals is tasked with ensuring that every project we work on considers effective water protection for every commercial building. com David Janeway (Technical Director) - British Columbia (778) 952-5577 dave. Parkade Maintenance Services in Calgary Line Painting Services With the amount of traffic and turning that happens in a parkade and with the salt damage from Calgary winters, the lines, arrows and markings are bound to wear out. We can bid to your engineering and specifications or come up with a repair strategy for you. Fire rated expansion joints replaced throughout, which were a combination of Situra flexible sheet system and compressible foam with integrated metal frames and cover plates. Our flooring line includes concrete floor as well as parkades and high traffic floor coatings. Two buildings, complete reclad, 3 level parkade traffic coatings, as well as foundation structural repairs. No job is too big or too small! Traffic markings do more than just brighten up a parking space, some markings such as accessible parking are legally required. Building Code, WorkSafe BC regulations and WHMIS requirements. Sale Sold out. We provide high-quality waterproofing and traffic decking in Calgary. By using microbe/bio-etch cleaners Gator is able to clean existing concrete surfaces of all contaminants prior to beginning the prep process. parkade membrane install & repairs Proseal Waterproofing will help identify specific problem areas, hazards and possible proactive maintenance opportunities within your parking structure. We also do small spot repairs when there is minimal damage to the parkade membrane. Foundation crack repairs. Tanks and Vessels Coating; Mining Coating; Magnesium Oxide Board Coating; Cleaning. If you would like more information about our Plaza Deck & Parkade services, view our Project Profile, or Request An Expert Architectural Floor and Wall coatings; Industrial Floor and Wall Coatings; Concrete Grinding and Polishing; Avionic and Automotive Flooring; Concrete Restoration and Expansion Joints; Vehicular/Pedestrian Traffic Decking and Waterproofing; Parkade Maintenance; Types of Coatings. No matter how and where they are constructed, parking garages are vulnerable to these environmental conditions. Concrete Floor Coatings; Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating; Roofing. Models are available for mean-temperature joint sizes from 1″ (25mm) up to 5-1/2-inches (140mm). offers оnе of the brоаdеѕt concrete coating lines on thе market. […] Parkade Concrete Repairs & Coatings. Thank you @sika_canada for the training day on Tuesday with your new waterproofing coating solution. 1 SECTION INCLUDES. Movement as a percentage of nominal joint size varies by model. We can solve all types of parkade problems from simple crack repairs to full structural rehabilitation and replacement of traffic coatings. We are proud to have expertise in repairing, maintaining, and enhancing the interior and exterior of parking garages. The building is constructed on cast-in-place concrete strip and pad footings and concrete foundation walls. Vehicular traffic coating applications refer to any surface that has a heavier traffic load including parking garages, parking decks and ramps, stadiums and arenas. Polyaspartic. Weatherskin Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating For applications that require fast dry times and turn-around times on jobs, like a retail mall-space or food processing business our Polyaspartic coating is ideal. It must protect cars while withstanding damaging emissions from those same vehicles. Crack and joint sealing West Pacific Coatings offers a wide variety of solutions for your concrete coating and restoration projects – whether your need is for chemical protection, slip resistance, decorative flooring, secondary containment, crack and joint treatments or any other type of concrete coating in Vancouver Canada. Surface preparation is a critical step in any job and shot blasting is a dust free, environmentally friendly method to strip, clean and profile concrete in a single step. Kelmar® Parking Deck Waterproofing Systems KELMAR® FWC III SYSTEM is a solvent free, rapid curing, 100% solids flexible epoxy protective coating system. Coatings. The Kelmar® FWC III waterproofing system consists of a prime coat, NEO V II C, and an abrasion resistant traffic bearing top coat which is filled with aggregate for skid resistance. Tanks and Vessels Coating; Mining Coating; Magnesium Oxide Board Coating Specialties Building Envelope Maintenance & Repair, Caulking & Firestopping , Parkade Membrane Install & Repair , Concrete Restoration & Finishing , Traffic Coatings , Deck & Balcony Restoration Jun 06, 2017 · It is imperative to note that each parkade is unique and there are instances where total closure of the parkade is necessary for brief periods to complete concrete repairs or to install small sections of traffic deck coating. Oct 01, 2014 · Traffic-bearing membranes (elastomeric) In parking structures with dynamic cracking, shrinkage, or more advanced damage, a traffic-bearing membrane may be the only option to address the ongoing deterioration. At construction sites, we are hired as subcontractors for traffic coating on your new buildings. Liquid applied traffic deck coatings with PMMA waterproofing system on ramps and drive aisles, with polyurethane in the parking stalls and pedestrian areas. With new parkades, the parkade is shot blasted to ensure proper bonding. Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) Concentration Limits for Architectural Coatings RegulationsAs a company, government or facility that uses traffic marking (TM) coatings as part of your operations, or specifies such activities during contractual arrangements, you need to be aware of Regulations now specifying the VOC concentration limits of TM coatings. Problems identified included delamination of concrete and rebar, deteriorated rebar and ingress of water. Traffic coatings can also be applied on both parking decks and pedestrian decks. Concrete Restoration & Finishing. Day in, day out, 24/7, from both pedestrian and vehicular traffic. Proudly protecting floors for garages, restaurants, interior / exterior parking lots, warehouse facilities, hotel floors, retail stores, etc. Applied Coatings provides a full range of parking garage services to handle all sizes of parkade restoration projects including fast setting materials that allow for quick turn arounds on projects. Vulkem 360NF/950NF/951NF is a modified polyurethane traffic deck coating system composed of a base coat (360NF), heavy duty intermediate coat (950NF) and a top coat (951NF). POLYURETHANE COATING FOR CONCRETE FLOORS. Shotblasting . Applied to residential patios, Parkade Traffic coatings, Pedestrian traffic coatings. A parking garage is a uniquely challenging structure. Parkade membrane removal and reinstallation. net Parkade Systems - West Pacific Coatings West Pacific Coatings offers a wide variety of solutions for your concrete coating and restoration projects – whether your need is for chemical protection, slip resistance, decorative flooring, secondary containment, crack and joint treatments or any other type of concrete coating in Vancouver Canada. Spartan Coatings Ltd is the Okanagan’s elite concrete care company. Traffic deck coatings are used as a waterproof membrane on surfaces subject to vehicle and pedestrian traffic. 86 likes. Slab-on-grade concrete surfaces are particularly prone to damage since they do not have the same waterproof coatings as structural concrete slabs due to the risk of moisture vapor getting trapped underneath the coating. Our economical solutions will help you meet code or can be used to provide sound control in tight spaces. Sikalastic®-748 PA. A Superior Parkade Membrane System that lasts. V9T 6J9 City Contact: Maurice Mauch Project Manager, Buildings & Facilities Telephone: 250. Traffic Coatings. One such sector is the food and beverage industry. MasterSeal Traffic 2000 / 2500 / 2530 / 2575 Deck Coating Systems MasterSeal TC 275, two component top coat colors MasterSeal TC 295, UV stable, two component top coat colors 3 Note: Colors are approximate; actual applications of MasterSeal Traffic systems may vary from colors shown. Traffic Deck Coatings have become a critical solution to waterproofing and insuring the structural components of all parking buildings; from heated underground apartment lots to large suspended decks in commercial parkades. The concrete surfaces of parkades are often treated with coatings either because the building code in Alberta demands it or good builders and professional managers insist on it. 756. High performance & industrial grade epoxy floor coating, concrete floor coating, parkades, high-traffic, etc. Burnaby Blacktop can provide a full range of services and solutions for your parking garage needs. Parkade Membrane Install & Repairs. Forty-seven units were missed. 78 L Rust-Oleum Professional Traffic Striping Paint is a fast-drying, durable acrylic latex coating for use in large striping jobs such as commercial parking lots, curbs or aisleways. During winter months deicing salt is used extensively on roadways. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s Striping paints, marking paints, and chalks are used to add markings to outdoor surfaces such as concrete, pavement, grass, or gravel. Flortek only uses high quality removal products and state of the art, time saving equipment to ensure you are left with a clean and seamless surface ready for the next application Weatherskin Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating. The application required a non-conductive, UV stable, environmentally sound coating that could be used on metal and foam insulated above ground holding tanks for the oil and gas sector. Total Job Value: $5. We work on all sizes of parkade structures and have experts on staff that can evaluate your project and make helpful suggestions to maximize the benefit of installing or repairing the parkade structure membrane. Vehicle parkades and slabs located above underground parking lots require stable and long-lasting coatings to ensure that leakage does not occur. Author Archive for: "admin" Home » Archives for Concrete Floor Coatings; Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating; Roofing. Underground parking can have the stylish flake finish and above ground a membrane with top coat. Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Buy Online Weatherskin Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating. Large-scale painting projects are what we do. A second date to schedule the cleaning of the remaining 47 units will be Traffic Striping Paint In Yellow, 3. Specialties Waterproofing, Traffic Coatings, High Performance Coatings, Radon/Vapour Management, Concrete Repairs, Expansion Joints, Parkade Restoration, and Balcony Repair . mauch@nanaimo. Like all our products at Spartan Coatings, we have tried and tested many different solutions before coming to a product we can place our confidence in and be proud to install in your home. 1 Traffic deck coating materials shall conform to CSA-S413 – Parking Structure with membrane system to pass ASTM C957 for abrasion resistance crack bridging, elongation recovery and chemical resistance. Parkade Membrane Install & Repairs Vehicles regularly entering parking garages leave water, oil and dirt behind. If your parking lot, parkade or parking surface is made from gravel, tar, concrete, metal or other materials, we can waterproof it! Covered and uncovered parking surfaces can be coated with the latest in resin technology giving you a surface that is long lasting and able to withstand the most demanding and rigorous conditions. Waterproofing Vehicular Traffic Systems, Pedestrian Traffic Systems, Water Feature Systems and Fluid Applied Below Grade Waterproofing Systems. One of these applications is for traffic coatings in vehicle parkades, suspended slabs, and garage floors. Our flооr options аrе comprised оf mаnу different polymer сhеmіѕtrіеѕ tо help еnѕurе parking lоtѕ have a full range of ѕоlutіоnѕ from whісh they саn сhооѕе, dереndіng upon EverLine Coatings in Edmonton provides the specialized equipment and experienced crews that can assure your parking lot will be cleaned to the highest standards. Gator began this project by removing any of the existing […] Parkade Traffic Waterproofing - United Roofing . Traffic management and the general public were the largest risks on this project as the parkade remained operational throughout construction. Traffic coatings create a seamless, waterproof and skid-resistant membrane, which prevents moisture penetration that can cause deterioration of structural materials. Please try again by clicking here. Parkade membrane removal and reinstallation Commercial Floor Coatings. Epoxy Floor Coatings and Concrete Floor Finishing in Coquitlam and Vancouver. It consists of a core made from a blend of asphalt, plasticizer and inert fillers. Zoom Painting provides accurate coating solutions for all industrial and commercial structures. The total foot print of the property is 0. We are able to provide parkade sweeping services in Calgary on short notice, and thanks to our multiple parkade cleaning crews, we can successfully clean several parkades in a single night.  The traffic deck coating is showing signs of wearing and loss of aggregate in many locations; localized areas of de-bonded traffic deck coating, and exposed concrete, were observed throughout the parkade. Direct from manufacturer of traffic paints. Coatings; Insulation; Waterproofing; SOPRADRAIN SOPRASEAL STICK PRIMER COLPHENE TORCH'N STICK SOPRASEAL Desco does not use any coatings, which scratch very easily and have a short life span, to provide a high gloss finish; the shine that you see is the concrete. The site is currently occupied by twelve interconnected buildings, associated parking lots and parkade structure, a maintenance compound for landscaping equipment and vehicles, the Ottawa-Carleton Wildlife Centre, the Pioneer House, recreational fields, forested lands, ponds and wetlands. Jun 17, 2020 · The fifth level of the Chapman Parkade will be closed June 18 to June 24 to complete final coating work associated with the 2019 rehabilitation project of the parkade, marking the completion of the project. Back to Top Acoustic Sound Mats Dramatic Noise Reduction. In Calgary and Edmonton, we need to take waterproofing seriously. “Crews will be coating a portion of the roof deck level, initiated in 2019 to fulfill the maintenance requirements and together with all the other work completed promote longevity of the The pressure washing in the parkade and townhouse rear patio walls and overhangs has been completed. Movement. Foundation Coating; Floor Coating. Parkade Deck Membrane Solutions One of the most critical challenges facing parking and stadium structures today is moisture penetration. WHY WEATHERSKIN? Weatherskin epoxy, polyurethane, and polyaspartic products are proven to last on the inside of manufacturing facilities, aircraft hangers, box stores, and parkades. EverLine Coatings and Services Vancouver location provides the equipment and experienced crews that can assure your parking lot will be cleaned to the highest standards. 45 acres. Interior/Exterior Wall Coating; Washable Clear-Coating; Speciality. One of these applications is for traffic coatings (vehicle parkades, suspended slabs, and garage floors). Description. These slab-on-grade areas are at the bottom of parkades, which see the least traffic in most parkades. Our innovative products, strong support of the specification community, and select team of highly skilled local installers have earned General Polymers seamless floor and wall systems a market leadership position. Two-component, low odor, polyaspartic top coat/sealer Let's Build Something Amazing. Nanaimo Bastion Street Parkade Section 09 96 00 Skinner St, Nanaimo, BC V9R 5E8 High Performance Coatings Parkade Renewal HEL Project No. Hydrodemolition . Gator repaired the identified problem concrete in-situ and applied a MasterSeal Traffic 2500 […] We, at Desco Coatings of Alberta, are a company of choice known for uncompromising quality and service since 1956. QuestMark’s full line of floor coating systems are designed to give you the solution you are looking for. Parkade Traffic Coatings Polyurethane traffic membranes are a liquid applied, seamless, monolithic coating that is applied to suspended, above grade concrete slabs to create a waterproof barrier protecting the concrete and occupied areas below from water damage. (Read more about this in our Traffic Deck Coatings Service) Membrane, floor coatings, epoxy coatings, roof coatings, and specialty made chemistry is what we produce. This is problematic as it can lead to structural damage because it allows water to reach the parkade’s reinforcing steel. Waterproofing and Protective, Polyurethane Based Traffic Deck Coating System. We can solve problems in both interior and exterior structures, including accommodating for harsh UV rays when necessary. , Maple Ridge, British Columbia. Few surfaces take the kind of beating that a parking deck does. Services: Building Envelope Restoration, Courtyard Waterproofing, Balcony Waterproofing, Balcony Guardrail Replacement, Landscaping, Parkade Traffic Deck Coating, Over-cladding of all Stucco-Clad Walls, Installation of New Windows and Doors, Installation of Aluminum Frame Entrances and Doors, Painting and Sealant Renewal. We are also experienced with liquid and sheet applied membrane and traffic systems. Welcome to Master Builders Solutions Master Builders Solutions is the global brand of advanced chemical solutions for construction. Easily applied in a single coat with or without primer and designed for pedestrian traffic specifically balcony waterproofing applications. Monneli Epofloor P 125. has worked on various parking garage and concrete repair projects throughout Vancouver and the Lower Mainland which exhibit all of the above problems (and The application of Thin System Traffic Deck Coatings which follows quickly behind new construction or existing parkade restorations, is something Durwest prides itself on with attention to detail. Link to: Traffic & Parkade Membranes Parkade Membranes & Surfaces Whatever your parking lot or parkade waterproofing needs are, we have the perfect solution for you! Asphaltic Protection Board 1/8" Asphaltic Protection Board 1/8" Tremco® 2550 Protection Board is a semi-flexible asphaltic sheet. are concrete coating and restoration specialists providing quality installations in contract Documents for the City of Nanaimo, Bastion Street Parkade Traffic Deck Membrane Replacement and P/T Recess Installation, as fully and completely as if the same were fully set forth therein: ITEM #1 . Tremco's high-performance Vulkem® line of liquid applied membranes offer superior, single source, long-term protection against some of the most extreme conditions with chemistries created to address speed of application, durability and of course budget. USSC is a world leader in innovative, high quality traffic paint, road markings and safety products manufacturing a wide array of paint products. Our epoxy is a self-leveling, 100 % solids tintable epoxy coating. In order to extend the longevity of structural concrete decks, a waterproof membrane is applied, along with a wearing course for vehicular and/or • Removal and replacement of the existing bonded waterproofing traffic membrane and all works incidental thereto as shown on the drawings and specifications for levels 7 and 8 at the Bastion Street Parkade in Nanaimo. The successful Bidder will be required to enter into a CCDC 2 (2008) Stipulated Price Contract. And we have waterproof coating for Patios and Sundecks. Environmental concerns, new technologies and traffic deck coating remediation have taken commercial and residential parkade cleaning services to a new level in the turn of the new millenium. Sika has recently brought a new coating technology to market in North America for traffic coatings. All floor coating products are ideal for environments involving food processing, light industrial or heavy industrial use and will provide a durable, attractive and easy to maintain surface. Parkade traffic membranes . Because Flexstone was able to handle vehicle traffic, dramatic temperature fluctuations, and heavy foot traffic - we decided to cater to the sundeck coatings market. Wide range of applications With tools for parking lot cleaning, parkade cleaning, large scale sweeping and foot traffic area cleanup, we have the tools needed to tackle all your maintenance needs. j@warhorsematerials. And unlike other floor finishes, you don’t need to regularly wax or strip the floor. Vendor Weatherskin Regular price $3,944. Pedestrian Traffic Coatings. 2 Installation of full traffic coating system to specific areas. Safety is one of … CanAm Coatings Inc. The base boards were washed in August and the common area carpets were cleaned. Call today! 250-661-3034. Thank you for visiting the General Polymers product line web site. Exhibition carpets – Perfect Option for Occasions and Celebrations. Concrete resurfacing involves repairing any cracks or chips in the concrete and then applying a new decorative coating to the surface of the repaired concrete. Installation of traffic deck waterproofing coating systems on existing or new parkades or balconies, including surface preparation by shotblasting or surface grinding and the use of proven materials to ensure a durable and architecturally pleasing result Sikalastic®-726 Balcony One Shot is a two-component, aliphatic, chemically cured, elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing coating system that has both superior flexibility and abrasion resistance. The key to protecting structures from water-induced damage is utilizing a system of products designed to work together. Possible solutions may include traffic deck coatings, sealants, foundation waterproofing and French drains. Systems. With specific products designed for these exact applications, we can help you get the most value with an attractive floor coating that will stand the test of time. Commercial spaces and other high-traffic areas that are open to the public often require a flooring solution that is durable and easy to maintain. It’s not sexy, but bear with us here: we remove your existing parking deck membrane, rout and seal cracks with urethane and epoxy, repair spalled and delaminated concrete and install polyurethane membrane, methyl methacrylate overlay or epoxy deck coating. Epoxy floor coatings are a great way to preserve the condition of concrete floors while augmenting their visual appeal and reflectivity. Bastion Street Parkade Traffic Deck Membrane Replacement and P/T Recess Installation Issue date: August 6, 2010 Closing location: Purchasing Department 2020 Labieux Road Nanaimo, B. This color card is intended as a guide only. Axminster Carpets – the name of elegance. Parkade Deck Restoration Durable Repairs with Minimal Disruption. However, this complete closure may be for a few days in comparison to a total shut down for weeks or months. Services There’s far more to modern specialized maintenance services than a broom hitting the floor. As the General contractor on this multi level parkade restoration Gator was not only responsible for the concrete restoration and new waterproof membrane installation, but we oversaw the new electrical and new drainage requirements that were required to get this parkade back to pristine condition. While our premium range add top-of-the-line sound dampening to a wi It’s never too late…your parkade may be showing some serious signs of deterioration but being proactive and getting proper waterproofing systems, as well as restorative work and ongoing maintenance can prolong the life of your parkade. Our Polyaspartic is designed to endure wash cycles with high pressure hoses, high UV exposure and even aviation fluid spills. Proper curing is required to develop the strength and durability properties of concrete. Cladding reinforcement on care home Failing hardie board from poor installation, we fortified the install on the entire facility, in addition to rendering the masonry safe. Whether you are building or refurbishing a standalone above ground parkade, or multiple levels of parking below ground, Sika can offer solutions to meet the requirements of your project. Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Buy Online At Spartan Coatings, we understand the importance of a properly prepared concrete floor. Vehicle parkades and slabs located above underground parking lots require long-lasting coatings to prevent leakage. Paint quality pricing and performance better than Ennis, Sherwin Williams PPG ennis flint seal master Rae products Ozark traffic paints. We offer sweeping services for parkades and parking garages as well. Heavy salts and gravel tracked in during the winter months can corrode the structure’s concrete and steel support system. If the floor you’re coating is going to experience vehicles, fork-lifts, airplanes or other mechanical traffic, you want a coating that is made for it. Flat Roof Coating; Metal Roof Coating; Wall Coating. com. Expansion Joint Repair & Replacement. Waterproofing expertise includes hot and cold-applied rubberized asphalt, urethane thin systems and mastic asphalt, as well as specialty coatings and expansion joint systems. We produce only powerful zero VOC grade epoxy that will stand up to industrial grade oils or cleaners, large traffic, and high-pressure hoses. EverLine Coatings and Services is the number one provider of Calgary parkade cleaning and parking garage maintenance services. Advance Products Roofing know the roofing business with over 28 Years roofing experience as professional Victoria BC Roofers We provide a full range of parking garage services to handle all sizes of parkade restoration projects including fast setting materials that allow for quick turn arounds on projects. Concrete repairs were completed on the ramps, structural suspended slab, and topside through slab along with expansion joint […] Quartz is a highly-durable coating application which is a double broadcast of colored quartz aggregates with polyaspartic or epoxy concrete coatings. The rugged flexible coatings are versatile, seamless, economical, thick applied and designed for all climates and heavy traffic. Our Polyaspartic is designed to endure wash cycles with high-pressure hoses, high UV exposure, and even aviation fluid spills. Install Urethane traffic coating to driving surfaces, painting parkade walls Repair and replace concrete block, floor tile Remove and reinstall concrete stairs in stairwell, crib and pour in place. Parkade restoration in Vancouver BC Seen here is the top deck of a multi-level parkade. CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) systems . For the classic and elegant look which is the most important thing, the classic material which recall you the classic time. These plants require a high standard of cleanliness and CFIA approved products. The rehabilitation of the parking structure began in October 2017 and included concrete and structural repairs, replacement of the traffic coating over the driving surface and LED lighting upgrades. 5328 Email: maurice. Industrial coating and liners . Along with urban-density developments comes parkades, traffic marking, over-passes and pedestrian-bridges. If there is a low clearance area, a reserved stall, or a special marking needed like the one for the bike rack in the photo below, the crews from EverLine can make sure that people in your parkade can get where they need to and get there safely. Michael Smith Duct Cleaning completed the dryer vent cleaning. Based on our findings, we will recommend a repair and maintenance schedule aimed to avoid costly restoration, decrease liabilities, adhere to bi-laws and Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. “Crews will be coating a portion of the roof deck level, initiated in 2019 to fulfill the maintenance requirements and together with all the other work completed promote longevity of the parkade Zoom Painting is currently looking to partner with qualified subcontractors experienced in Traffic Coating in Vancouver, BC, Victoria, BC, Calgary, AB, and Edmonton, AB. Car Park & Traffic Coating Floor coating systems for parking garages have to meet the highest demands as outdoor, multi-story and underground car parks are subject to many different stresses, including atmospheric conditions, de-icing salt effects, automotive fluids as well as vehicular and pedestrian traffic load. Applied Coatings has successfully Jan 07, 2021 · This is to certify that the contract for the following improvement: Thin Traffic Deck Coating Repair and Resurfacing at the Collier Street Parkade Liquid applied traffic deck coatings with PMMA waterproofing system on ramps and drive aisles, with polyurethane in the parking stalls and pedestrian areas. Mar 02, 2020 · High traffic coating; Parkade coating service; Epoxy patio coating; Non-slip coating; Epoxy stairwell coating; Stairwell concrete repairs; Railing coating; Interior wall coating; Exterior wall coating; Stucco coating; Exterior brick coating; Washable wall coating; Brick repairs; Foundation coating; Roofing membranes; Roof coating; Roof Parkade Coating . Commercial Construction; Residential Construction; Buy Online Scope for this project began with exploratory coring on the existing exposed concrete slab. Traffic deck coatings are a great way to restore the appearance of older Competitive Pricing for infrastructure, multi-family residences, commercial, and industrial projects of all sizes. See your R esponsible for the successful completion of numerous parkade traffic coating projects. The Z535 16 ¾” square, heavy-duty drain, with 12” square top is designed for parking structure applications. 50 Sale price $3,944. Fraserplusepoxy is providing services at best prices in the market. Our experienced and professional team will assess your traffic structure and provide recommendations for Traffic Deck Coating Repair Learn More Whether you are a certified property manager with a portfolio of hundreds of thousands of sq ft of parking or a newly elected condo board member with only a dozen stalls, Alberta Sweeprite can advise and assist in the construction of maintenance schedules that reflect both your needs and your budget. Traffic Deck Coatings are predominately made up of sealers that soak into the concrete or membranes which cover the surface but are both designed to protect concrete. Aesthetics, however, is just a small part of a traffic or pedestrian coating system, also referred to as Traffic Coating Membrane or Elastomeric Traffic Coating, these systems are mandatory in parking garages to eliminate concrete deterioration, increase visibility, add slip resistance/traction and most importantly waterproof. We are sensitive to your timelines and prepare our schedule to complete the work with the least amount of interruption to your business. Applied Coatings has successfully installed millions of square feet of Traffic Deck Membrane over the last 25 years. Waterproofing Applications include parkade, balcony, stadium, mechanical room, plaza deck and exterior wall coating waterproofing systems. Canadian Floor Coatings has been offering up-to-date flooring solutions in concrete coating, concrete floor resurfacing, resinous finishes and protective concrete floor coatings based on your budget and long-term needs for more than 7 years across the whole of Vancouver, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, Burnaby, New We specialized in outdoor signs like Neon Sign, Digital Printed Flex Face Sign, Stainless Steel Box Letter Sign, Aluminum Sign, Parking Sign, Traffic Sign, Structural site Signboard. Unit price / per . Weatherskins first product was designed to endure temperature swings of over 100 degrees Celsius, brutal hail, snow, rain and sun. +1 (403) 397-6355 | info@elitecoatings. After that, urethane or polyuria traffic coatings are installed. These coatings are most commonly found in multi level parkades, balconies, plaza decks, mechanical rooms, rooftops, or any areas where waterproofing is necessary. Deck Coatings System solutions for your toughest projects One of the most critical challenges facing parking and stadium structures today is moisture penetration. PMMA Liquid-Applied Waterproofing . The experienced staff at Place-Crete Systems are more than happy to work with you to design a solution tailored to your surface - and its usage. That 80% you spend feeds an entire industry that conducts condition surveys, repairs concrete damaged by corrosion, fixes leaks and removes and replaces traffic deck membranes many Parkade Deck Coatings Vulkem 360NF/950NF/951NF System MasterSeal Traffic 2500 System (formerly Conipur) MasterSeal Traffic 2530 System (formerly Conipur E) Concrete Floor Coatings; Parkades & High-Traffic Floor Coating; Roofing. Sikalastic®-390. At Place-Crete Systems, we offer a wide range of sound control solutions. A parkade may be less than 20% of your floor area of your building and can consume 80% of your maintenance and repair budget over the service life of a building. Insulated split slab concrete topping with 2-ply SBS mod-bit membrane, drainage mat, and insulation in some portions and bonded asphaltic concrete topping in other areas. It was determined that no existing membranes were present to protect the existing concrete. Exhibition carpets are supposed to be best suitable option for the traffic areas and easy possible option to give a center of attraction and celebrity Vehicular Traffic Coatings. The team at United Roofing Inc. Traffic and Pedestrian Coatings In order to prevent your concrete structure from crumbling under the pressure, Desco provides a variety of traffic deck coatings to preserve your concrete. We paint big shit. Solvent based traffic and parking lot paints are acrylic co-polymer based traffic markings formulated for use on highways, parking lots, crosswalks, stop bars, and legends. Gator works in multiple sectors and is sensitive to the needs of each. Job Responsibilities: - Experience in painting underground parkade flooring, parking lots, vertical multi-family builds, new-home developments, large renovation and restoration PSC Parkade System A high performance flexible, scratch and wear resistant dual component epoxy coating system for indoor parking garages. It is a high build epoxy coating system specifically designed for demanding industrial and Traffic Coatings; Membrane/Concrete Repair. 0017-364 Page 1 of 6 Part 1 General 1. The building is a 7 storey apartment building constructed in 1969 with 47 suites. Gators ability to cover multiple scopes of work was key to the successful completion of this project. Marbles and durable epoxy flooring for Commercial and Residential areas. Has managed many industrial and manufacturing coatings projects always scheduled to assure minimal interruptions to production Part owner of Van Mason Coatings He is very cooperative and eager to assist you with all your project requirements. During a parkade restoration, areas of concrete, which have sounded with the ham­mer or chain, are repaired. parkade traffic coatings

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